Treatment of Dysphasia (language difficulties)


The specifics depend largely on your assessment results. However, as a vague guide:

  • The following areas can be targeted:
  • Receptive language / comprehension
  • Expressive difficulties (eg word finding problems, sentence construction
  • Acquired reading difficulties
  • Acquired writing difficulties
  • One to one therapy is conducted at the correct intensity level for you (we are able to provide multiple sessions per week if necessary).
  • We give you and your family advice on how to cope with the communication difficulties and how to help straight away.
  • Group therapy can sometimes be offered to build up your confidence and practice strategies. This is largely dependent on our caseload at a specific time.
  • Referral to local support groups, eg The Stroke Association, can be organised to build up your social network and confidence.
  • Provision of a home programme, eg worksheets or computer software so that you can practice language exercises at home and maximise improvement.
  • We usually combine impairment based and functional therapies in order to maximise improvement.
  • Treatment has a logical structure and we work through graded tasks.
  • We always give a realistic prognosis as soon as we have enough information to make a judgement.
  • We target your strengths as well as working on areas of difficulty.
  • We use interpreters if English is not your first language.