Treatment of Cognitive Communication Difficulties


The specifics depend largely on your assessment results. However, as a vague guide:

  • Video work within sessions can facilitate accurate self-monitoring / analysis and improve behaviours.
  • We often target social communication and behavioural skills in both a one-to-one and group environment. This can target verbal and non-verbal behaviours.
  • We encourage self-rating of behaviours in different situations.
  • Referral to appropriate groups (such as Headway) can be useful.
  • Joint working with Neuro-Psychologists and Occupational Therapists on areas such as memory and problem solving is particularly useful.
  • Some clients need work on understanding abstract language as literal interpretation of information is common.
  • We always target functional communication work, eg strategies for word finding difficulties or practice of specific communication skills you require frequently.
  • Comprehension, expression, reading and /or writing skills may require input during therapy.