Client Feedback

‘I had a stroke in March 2014 which resulted in a lot of initial speech difficulties. As soon as I was released from hospital Sally was immediately in touch for an assessment. I then spent the next few months having regular speech therapy at home and by September my speech was completely back to normal. So much so that I was able to get back to recording audio books and scripts for several documentaries that I'd been working on. Sally and her team at Linguistic Resolutions were wonderful with me and helped me to achieve a full recovery’
Chris Tarrant

'My husband suffered a catastrophic head injury nearly 22 years ago. Amongst a multitude of physical and cognitive issues presented post brain trauma, one consistent problem has been a severely impaired swallow. This was dealt with initially with tube feeding whilst he remained in a coma. Many years of spoon feeding have followed but recently it has been found that he is aspirating on food and drink and this has lead to a higher incidence of risk of pneumonia. Finding a specialist neuro team with expertise in the area of dysphagia has been such a relief. Their approach has been straight forward, sensitive and insightful. They have used their up to date knowledge and been realistic in seeking a way forward acceptable to all involved but most importantly to my husband. I am so glad that we found them and hugely reassured that everything possible is being done to enhance quality of life. I am eternally grateful for their intervention.'
Jane Frappart, Folkestone, Kent

'Over the last 4 years Edwyn has spent hundreds of hours with his therapists Trudi and Sally Ghibaldan. They are specifically experts in the field of speech and language impairment in adults with acquired brain injury. They are dedicated professionals, tailoring all their knowledge and experience to Edwyn's individual and ever-changing needs. They arrive prepared, they plan the way forward, but are never afraid to change tack if an approach isn't working. They learn from Edwyn and their other patients, and are continuously adding to the sum of their professional knowledge. But there is more to this dynamic duo than any of these words can convey. They are creative geniuses, fascinated and humbled by the unknowable nature of the brain and the spirit of its possessors.....This profession is certainly not given enough credit....The best therapists turn around lives that appear to be wrecked....For Edwyn, speech and language therapy in the hands of these two women has given him back meaningful life. Simple as that.'
Grace Maxwell, London

"My husband kim suffered a major left brain stroke which has left him with severe dysphasia and dyspraxia. Sally and her team have been our lifeline. Their psychological understanding of what Kim is going through, their professional skill developing therapeutic approaches to help him begin to recover his speech, reading, writing and cognition are ongoing and are, I am convinced, the determining factor in how well he is recovering. If anyone suffers what Kim, and I have suffered they simply must get in touch with Linguistic Resolutions. We were plunged into hell in a matter of in November 2011. The assault on your sense of self and relationships is utterly traumatic. Sally and her colleagues help Kim to move away from that nightmare, one slow but sure step at a time. They have been working with Kim for over 6 months and he feels he is making progress slowly but surely. They understand his frustrations and his problems. If he ends up in a good and satisfying place again it will be due to them in no small part."
Sarah Fraser, London

"I was referred to Sally Ghibaldan by my husband in light of a stroke I suffered while I was 27 weeks pregnant. The left side of my brain was damaged which caused me communication problems, in particular I experienced difficulties with word finding and verbal explanation, both in verbal & written language. This was obviously a very dramatic time for me, I felt anxious about my pregnancy and found it very difficult to communicate to anyone. Today I have a healthy 8 month baby girl and my speech has improved significantly in comparison to what it was. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sally for supporting me through some tough times. The therapy sessions kept me engaged as they were very much tailored to my requirements and her approach in the sessions made me feel at ease at all times. A number of useful techniques were recommended for me to practice in my own time, this helped to build my confidence and I believe it contributed to a faster recovery period. My appointments were always on time and at suitable times, especially after I had my baby Sally was always willing to be flexible. I can say with great confidence that throughout the period of my therapy Sally has proved to be an optimal professional."
Susan Ferri, Slough

Colleague Feedback

"Sally was an asset to our speech and language therapy team and wider neuro team for the duration of her role with military personnel. She was a natural at building professional relationships with the service men and women we see following brain injury. Sally demonstrated specialist knowledge, skill and expertise with this client group. She took a detailed and methodical approach to her work which massively benefited our patients who often thrive on this level of structure.

Sally's role involved assessment and treatment of patients with complex communication difficulties primarily following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Following TBI the types of communication impairments predominately seen are cognitive in nature and are related more specifically to how the patient uses language socially and how they behave in communication situations. Much of this work involves education and awareness raising with the patient about their problems which often the person themselves struggles to see. Sally was able to work with the patients and as part of the team to help realistically shape their future goals and pathways. This was not only specifically to do with their communication needs but also was in relation to their wider future roles and opportunities, and any restrictions or limitations which needed to be considered for this.

Sally also worked closely with families and relatives of these military patients, aiming to help them better understand the longer term prognosis for improvement with the communication difficulties experienced. Sally provided education on the best ways in which family and friends could support their loved one with their communication. Educating employers about how communication problems can impact on work roles was also a factor. Educating inexperienced staff about the communication difficulties common after brain injury was also something that Sally undertook confidently.

Sally was a team player and contributed significantly not only to patient care but also to service and staff development within speech and language therapy and the wider neuro team. Our loss of Sally from the department here is someone else's gain!"
Gayle Chandler, Head of Speech and Language Therapy, Ministry of Defence